Top 10 history trips


Roman Floor mosaics after being buried in sand for 2000 years


Girona’s old town is a location for the TV series game of Thrones. There are the large Greek and Roman settlements to visit at just north of l’escala at Empuries. The medieval town of Paratella where the houses are carved out of the rock. 


This walled medieval Portuguese town can be reached by train from Lisbon.

Sorrento (Pompei)

This is the most impressive site I have visited and I could have spent days looking round Pompeii, Herulaneaum, the Naples museum and a trio round the Amalfi coast let’s you visit the church where the bones of St Andrew are interred.

Venice (Treviso)

The city on water that is over 1500 years old. Nothing can prepare you for the sight of a city built on water. Remember to visit the unexplored parts and stay off the beaten tourist track. Treviso nearby is worth a visit and also a good place to stay.


Hadrian who built the wall in Britain served on the north frontier before he became emperor. He built a huge fort in Budapest. The remains sit between motorway pillars or in a metro station. Truly the strangest site I have visited. Perhaps not enough to belong on this list but I liked the museums that dealt with Magyar, Islamic, World War 2, communist and Roman events. The most northern Muslim shrine in the world is also here and worth a visit. The town is also cheap.


The museums here introduce you to a history unknown. The Swedish mercenaries that served in the Roman army,  the Swedish empire that controlled much of northern Europe in the 1800’s. It is not something taught in schools in Britain. Oh and Vikings too.


This walled Italian city is the most complete in the country and allows you to visit Pisa and Florence and to escape back in the evening to the quieter Lucca.


A world heritage site and home to the Cathars who practised a Bhuddist type religion in the 1400’s and were subsequently wiped out on the orders of the Pope. In truth a day or two here is probably enough but it is worth seeing.


To visit the Parthenon and see where the ancient Greeks created the basics for the our civilisation today is the pinnacle of any historical visit. Everything after owes something to the Greeks; the Roman civilisation, democracy, the scientific method. Socrates, Pythagoras, Euclid, Plato all created the foundations of philosophy, mathematics and engineering still used today.


The French Rome with its ampitheatre, the best presevered on the planet  aqueduct, 2000 year old temple, tower overlooking the town and various other artifacts and museum. Pedestrian centre and lots of bars, shops and restaurants.

Orkney Skarra Brae

The journey here is long but the pay off is seeing the grandeur of 3000 BC monuments. Still to go….

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