Kaunus is the country’s second city with a population of 300,000. Various historical sites to see and a pedestrianised main street with bars and restaurants. The excellent guide here gives you the highlights https://www.inyourpocket.com/kaunas  (download the PDF) or you can go to the tourist site visit kaunas.


Flight at 17:15 arriving 22:00. Get the number 29G from the airport to the city centre and railway station. It costs €1 for a ticket. For city centre get off at E. Ožeškienės g. stop. Buses are abut every 40 minutes. More information on public transport to airport. Journey home get bus at 10:15, flight at 13:15 arrive Edinburgh 14:05

A 3 day travel ticket in Kauanas is €5.50 for unlimited journeys although everything is pretty walkable.

The Kaunas transport site is found at https://www.kvt.lt/en/

Bike rental is possible from this company who have a Dropbyke app to show bike locations ( although app gets terrible reviews) http://www.kaunasbike.lt/contacts.html

Car rental whereby you pick up a car from various locations and leave it where you want is possible from this app https://www.citybee.lt/using and I was able to add my UK licence. All insurance fuel etc is taken care of. Car I used was an automatic and very high tech. Display tells you what you are doiung wrong. Was okay but didn’t fit into alcohol drinking.

Some bars abd restaurants are listed in thisKaunas Map

Day Itinery

Hire bike and cycle to Pazaislis Monastry along river side. Lunch perhaps at Thai House, Molas shopping centre and Hill of Crosses. Cycle through the Poubliuc park to visit the mosque and Sugihara House Will we have time for the vodka museum?

Day Itinery 

Education museum, Mosque,  then Museum of the Blind. All same area. Akropolis shopping centre and then cheapest bar in Kaunas.


I found the restaurants quirky as one had run out of everything on the menu , then announced they only had one portion of the dish and delivered the chicken wrap with virtually no chicken. Another restaurant announced the kitchen had closed halfway through our meal so no dessert or coffee.

Valgykla, Laisvės al. 23, Kaunas 44311. I like to eat local and this is an old Soviet style place whose name means “canteen”. meal for two was 5 euros. Not a tourist place and many old people here.

Soviet canteen food

Berneliu UzeigaM. Valančiaus g. 9, Kaunas 44275, Lithuania – excellent restaurant used by locals with local prices.

Radharane Laisvės al. 40, Kaunas 44240, Lithuania. Hare Krishna restaurant

Medziotoju Uzeiga, Rotušės a. 10, Kaunas 44279, Lithuania wild game and traditional food

The bar with no name, at Birštono g. 6, Kaunas 44288, Lithuania –  is the vheapest bar in Kaunas and with a surprisingly good atmosphere. I can only show you the picture. It is round the corner from McDonalds and 1 Euro 30 for a pint. Was showing basketball and good music here.

Cheapest bar in Kaunas at €1.30 a pint

Dzem pub ,5th floor, Laisvės al. 59, Kaunas 44305, Lithuania great views, students

2½ obuolio 44287, Palangos g. 9, Kaunas 44287, Lithuania. Nice range of ciders in cellar bar. English football and Sky Sports

Kultura K. Donelaičio g. 16, Kaunas 44213, Lithuania arty people and huge outdoor terrace. Concrete 1960s ambiance.

Skliautas Rotušės a. 26, Kaunas 44279, Lithuania various human rights people drink here…nice end of night bar.

Avilys Vilniaus gatvė 34, Kaunas 44287, Lithuania microbrewery pub. very expensive beer at 4 euros.

Nisha bar’o perspektyva, m 44283, M. Daukšos g. 29, Kaunas 44283, Lithuania. 12 beer taps and loads of beer.

Things to Do

Sugihara House is a museum dedicated to the Japanese diplomat who saved many Jews in Lithuania. Interesting story

House of Perkunas dedicated to Lithuanian God of Thunder

God of Thunder house

Kaunas Mosque – muslims came to Lithuania in the 14th century and this mosque dates from the 1930’s. Closed most of the time after vandalism in September 2019.


Zaliakalnis Furnicular Railway

Hill of Crosses K. Baršausko g. 101, Kaunas 51344, Lithuania spooky

Lithuanian Folk Museum L. Lekavičiaus g. 2, Rumšiškės 56337, Lithuania 20 miles by bike…..

Kaunus Museum for the Blind. Nepriklausomybės a. 18, Kaunas 44320. Spend an hour in the dark in the catacombs and experience the world through sound smell and touch. Meant for the blind and sighted folk .

Devils Museum V. Putvinskio g. 64, Kaunas 44211, Lithuania

Atomic Bunker Raudondvario pl. 164A, Kaunas 47173, Lithuania. this was an excllent visit but cost 38 euros for two people. Was worth it and guide threw in a visit to the castle for free.

Atomic Bunker

Pažaislis Monastery Kaunas 52430, Lithuania. A nice cycle round the river.

Vodka Museum K. Būgos g. 7, Kaunas 44328, Lithuania. Yiou need to bbook and I got no reply

Ninth Fort. Get a 23 or 35 bus. €3 entrance. Monument to holocaust.

Sports Museum €1 to get in.


Akropolis shopping centre.

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