Top 10 Travel Apps

Travelling to a strange country can be difficult. Here are a bunch of apps some of which work offline to help you out.

  1. Google Translate

Download the language for the country you are going to and you can translate or find out any word you want offline and without charge. If you have roaming internet access point Google translate at a menu and it translates for you through the screen.  Hit the camera key on translate and see it work. It even matches the fonts of the menu you are translating. I was so impressed the first time I used it

I always learn the words for please, thank you, good day, how much and beer.  Where ever I go. You will get a smile and an appreciation that you have taken some effort to learn a word of the local language. In many places I have got much better service because I made an effort.

  1. Google maps

Hit the menu key and select offline areas to download a map of where you are. Again, you can use this map when not connected to wifi to find your way about

  1. OSMAnd

My favourite mapping app available across all devices  at You can download offline maps before you go. Include the Wikipedia downloads for the area you are in and you now have a complete tourist guide that will give you the history of any building and public place you are in. To download maps go to offline areas, maps and select maps and Wikipedia. To use Wikipedia  select configure maps, POI and select Wikipedia.

  1. In Your Pocket

This free app lets you download a guide offline to use on your travels. It is mainly focused on eastern European destinations but is a great guide. There is a PDF or smartphone app option. Offers a lot of tips that are not found on TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet

  1. Rome2rio

This travel app needs wifi or data but allows you to plan travel around where you are. Includes buses, trains and planes and if you have to travel from a cheap airport to your destination can save you loads.

  1. Tripadvisor

Many European cities can be downloaded and used offline with maps, location of restaurants and attractions and containing the reviews. View by cheap places and then map to see where the cheap beer is.

  1. Whatsapp

This free app allows you to text, send pictures and chat for free while connected to wifi. Can save call charges

  1. Skyscanner

Plan your next flights. Do the month view to see when the cheapest flights are.

  1. Trivago

Allows you to plan the best hotels and get the cheapest prices when wifi aviable


I like the facilities offered by this app – all your bookings are here and if you fly without pre-booking accommodation then this app allows you to decide where you might stay that night.