Top 10 Things To Take

Some of the items below will make travel much easier.

  1. Foldable backpack

You can buy these in any budget outdoor and sports store for around £5. They fit in your pocket and allow various things to be carried and kept together. On flights it useful to empty your pockets of heavy items that were stored until after the 10kg weigh in. On holiday its used for beach days or shopping trips. Weighs nothing and is sturdy.

  1. Have spare batteries

Buy a battery charger to keep your phone charged. Most devices use USB to microUSB or USB to Ipod/iphone . You need to be aware of AMP requirements as some devices need 2.1 Amps to charge.

  1. Plug adaptor

Take one that is multi socket and can be used around Europe. You never know how far we will get.

  1. Phone charger

Take the charger and cable that came with your phone and not any old micro USB charger. Different phones need a different number of amps and if you have the wrong charger your phone will quickly go dead. The portable battery pack will have two amp-age outputs. Note the correct charging cable may also be needed.

  1. SmartPhone

A smartphone can have lots of many useful apps to help you survive abroad. Does anyone not have one now?

  1. Spare cheap phone

You can buy a phone abroad or take one with you if you just need to send text messages. Usually the battery life is good on a cheap phone. I used to take my old smartphone in case my main one broke or got lost.

  1. Kindle Whitepaper

You’re probably not going to have time to read books but there may be some long journeys getting to games. The paper white is sunshine friendly unlike a phone or tablet. It also has a basic browser and long battery life.  I resisted getting a Kindle but now I have one that’s what I take on a trip. Your book place is synchronised across all devices so you never lose your last place (Wi-Fi needed for this) .

  1. Medicines

Take a few paracetamols, Imodium and other short-term remedies with you. It can be expensive and inconvenient if you suddenly need these abroad. Note quite a few airports have sniffer dogs as you leave departures.

  1. Spare change

Having some euros or local currency can help with ticket machines and tips on arrival. In eastern European countries ticket machines for local buses can be coins only with an instant fine for tourists found on a bus without a valid ticket.

  1. Someone else

The singe traveller will always pay more. Sharing room will be much cheaper than getting one yourself (the exception being bunk dorms). Sharing the experience with someone is good too. Watch out for snorers and if it is the first time you have went away with someone make sure you will get on.