Top 10 Budget Airline Tips

When you arrive at the airport there are various strategies that can be used t save money and make your flight less stressful.
1. Offer to put cabin luggage in hold
This saves you around £40 in luggage fees and allows you to relax when getting on board. In the last few months Ryanair are putting everyone’s bag in the hold. This is treat as you have an allocated seat Norwegian allows you to do this before going through security but other airlines only let you do this after security.

2. Make up sandwiches before you go so you do not pay the high prices on board
It’s around £5 for a sandwich on board an 50p if you make it up at home
3. Check-in at the very latest time on line
On Ryanair if you check in later you get the expensive seats they can’t sell so you have more leg room or seats at the front or back so you are first off the plane. Use their seat booking system to see what seats are available then when the cheap seats are gone book yours. Quite often this is the day before travel. If the airline has a check in desk like Norwegian you want to get there early to ensure you get a good seat.
4. Arrive early at the airport and chill.
If you have hold luggage arrive early to beat the queues and then saunter through to sit in the café or bar reading a newspaper or chatting with friends. No last-minute rush through security. If you have kids this is a great time to let them stretch their legs and get rid of any excess energy.

5. Take a book to read or a film to watch
and the journey will be much shorter.
6. Check-in separate so seats are together
The budget airline Ryanair tries to get you to buy seats so you can sit together but if you book and check-in separately you have a chance of getting a seat together. All other airlines seat you together. For a 2-hour flight I’m not bothered who I site next too.
7. Book seats in the middle of the plane.
When you are sitting in the centre of the plane there are usually spaces left for your bag and if not, you have the whole rest of the plane to put your bag. Someone remonstrated with me when I tried to put my bag in an overhead locker not above my seat. There is no rule here. Another advantage of the centre of the plane seats is that if there is an airport bus being used you will be last of the plane and first off the bus.

8. Extra bag on plane for free
Put heavy items in coats and trouser pockets
Have a foldaway knapsack which can be bought for £5 in budget sports and outdoor shops. Once past the boarding desk empty your pockets into the bag. The crew on the plane do not know what ticket you bought and do not check it again. (Ryanair have begun checking recently due to their “all bags in the hold” policy. Some passengers have ripped off the hold ticket to cheat – they are usually caught and sent off the plane)
9. Have a credit card for on board` purchases
If you want to take frequent trips but only have 25 days leave you have to plan carefully. There are also certain times of year much cheaper than others.
10. Find the cafes that are far away from the main terminal area.
Prices can be cheaper and service faster