Travel – Month by Month Guide for the Best Destinations

January – Portugal (Algarve) is the destination of choice as temperatures can be 17 degrees. Choose a hotel with an indoor pool in case you get a rainy day. Rome or Paris can be a nice cheap option with their January sales and January sun shine. Valencia another nice destination.

February – Cyprus for sun or Krakow for a cheap city break.

March – A city break is usually the best option. Prague is my choice for this month.

April – Surprisingly there are many cheap flights at this time and adding 4 days to the 4-day Easter weekend gets you 10 days holiday for 4 days leave. Spain is my favourite destination at this time as they celebrate Easter with huge parades. Malaga has the best Semana Santa festival in my opinion.

May – Croatia is warm at this time of year although you can get rain. Sorrento is not too hot for the Amalfi Coast.

June – There many festivals around mid -summer solstice most notably in Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Estonia may be a good option at this time. Take a couple of days out on the islands around Saaremaa that were closed by the Soviet Union from 1947 until 20 years ago.

July – Paris is actually quite cheap as the French have headed for the beaches. I love Copenhagen in July but it’s never very cheap.

August – Still hot enough for Northern Europe. Lie on the Baltic beaches north of Gdansk, swim in the sea in Oslo where the water is shallow and therefore warm.

September – Pisa and Lucca are a great option at this time of year lounging about in the Tuscan countryside and warmth.

October – Cheap flights and many festivals around Halloween period, Girona for the Correfoc festival around Halloween is amazing and slightly dangerous. A bull run with fireworks.

November – Time to head for Tenerife for guaranteed sun or Madeira which can be cooler than Tenerife. The end of the month sees cheap travel to many cities.

December – There are fantastic deals to be had the first week of this month that lets you visit the many Christmas Markets around Europe. Paris, Bremen, Berlin, Copenhagen all have wonderful and extensive Christmas markets. Many cities have markets of one sort or another – check the tourist sites.

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