Theme Parks

Disneyland Paris

This is actually my favourite Disney park – it’s cheap, it’s not as crowded as the ones in USA, the rides can be better and it rarely too hot. It’s also near Paris and in a country with cheap wine.  I’ve been quite a few times.


The best price/fun Disney hotel for children and adults who want to relive their childhood is Hotel Cheyenne. I grew up with Bonanza, High Chaparral and Alias Smith and Jones so to stay in a western town is a dream come true. I told the kids it’s where Woody from Toy Story lived. A benefit of the Disney hotels is you get into the park an hour earlier than everyone else and you can go back for a rest at midday re-entering the park later when it gets quieter.

The hotels just outside the Disney park complex include one with a pool which we virtually had to ourselves one day as everyone is in the park.

There are also nice hotels at Marne La Vallee one train stop from Disney. This area has a huge shopping centre so plenty to do there.

If you decide to stay in Paris proper there are plenty trains on the red A line to Disneyland.

Portadventuraworld Salou Spain

I really enjoyed the Portadventuraworld  park and stayed in the attached hotel for very good prices. Food is geared towards the Spanish.  If you stay in the hotel you get in earlier than other guests and we also went in at 4 in the afternoon when it got quieter and cooler. We found the hotel was empty during the day so we would swim and lounge about when everyone else was at the park.  Another option is staying in Salou and coming to the park on a day ticket.

Heidi Park Bremen Germany

Heidi Park resort is one of my favourite theme parks because it has a European slant for fun and there is lots of attention to detail.  Cheap flights to Bremen or Hamburg give access to Heidi Park run by Tussauds group.  Take the train to Saltau and then a taxi or bus to the resort.  A theme park hotel or cheaper beach chalet resort allow you to stay overnight and make maximum use of the park. We would get in early snooze mid-afternoon and return late afternoon when the crowds die down.  The hotel has evening entertainment every night and the family rooms with 4 beds make it an economical stay in comparison to other parks.

Cost of 4 nights in June is £761 with Expedia but £365 with this site.

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