Using Online Tools – Beware of Trackers and How to Foil Them

There are a lot of online tools that get you the best deals in the nicest accommodation. Most people know or skyscanner,com but do not know how they track what they do or how best to get the deals. Other equally good sites are less well known.

I started my travels before TripAdvisor and Skyscanner – things are now easier but you still need to know how to use these guides and how to get the best value. I have eaten in fantastic restaurants that have never made it onto TripAdvisor or are hidden within the hundreds of others on that site.  I have booked flights not advertised on Skyscanner.

Be aware that all search tool web sites need to make money. Some do this by inflating the prices that appear on the screen. Most track what you are looking at in your web browser and can charge more if you click on their links. In under 20 minutes your browsing information, personal information and what you are looking at will be passed to over 100 companies who now have information on your activities and target advertising, and perhaps prices, accordingly. I used the tool from  installing the browser tool to see and stop what they track. I searched for Copenhagen and within seconds Facebook, google, doubleclick, yahoo all got told.

The trick is to do your research on one device then go onto another device and check the prices.  I generally use my daughter’s computer for the booking. I once found a hotel was £100 dearer on my laptop compared to my daughters as they knew I wanted accommodation in that town.

The big travel companies have altered their pricing structures and you can directly book the same accommodation at a cheaper price. For instance, the site was operated by Thomas Cook so you could book accommodation and one of their hotels. A budget flight would then

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