Airport Travel Times Into Town

Cheapest Airports for Travel into Town

Town Cost from airport Approximate Journey Time
Beauvais Bus €1.50 into town (train €14 to Paris) 15 minutes
Bremen Tram €3 15 minutes
Bordeaux Number 1 bus into town €3 20 minutes
Bratislava Bus 61 €1.50 25 minutes
Copenhagen Train into town €3 20 minutes
Faro Algarve Bus (taxi as cheap for 4) €3 15 minutes (then trains along coast)
Lisbon Train to city centre €4 20 minutes
Malaga Trains along coast various cheap prices 25 minutes (depending on resort)
Playa Las Americas Bus 450 or 111 €3.50 20 minutes
Pisa Red LAM €1.20 15 minutes
Warsaw Bus 175 to palace of Justice 25 minutes


Worst Airports for Travel into Town

Note these airports can be cheap if you do not go to the city named. For instance, I went to Mainz from Frankfurt Hahn. Mainz is the wine capital of Germany. From Marseilles airport I went to Avignon.

Town Cost Approximate Journey Time
Frankfurt Hahn Bus €15 into Frankfurt town 90 minutes
Marseilles Provence Bus €15 into Marseille town 60 minutes
Oslo Bus €15 into Oslo town 90 minutes


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