We used the same company called Cicloturisme Medi Ambient who would provide the bikes and the Estartit owners association for the accommodation. We got a good price for 7 night’s accommodation in a 4 bedroom two bathroom swimming pool villa (£100), hire of bike (£62) and taxi transport to l’estartit, bus back.(£18) with the flights (£55) that made £235 each.The company were also on hand to give us assistance which we needed on one of the days with so much dust. All the photos here and the trip and the documents.


Day 1 Thursday 20th April

Fly to Girona Met Andy’s mum at station for her birthday. Had burger king breakfast.10am train to Glasgow Queen street then central station. Raymond has first pint.Pub strangely smoke to Prestwick. group of girls get on at kilwinning who we bump into in l’escala plane someone smokes in toilet. Cabin crew not happy and call police to plane when we land. one caught. At baggage lots of people nip out for cigarette then cant get back in to get luggage. Taxi man there with sign and arranges to meet Norman at villa. Very nice house. Bikes arrive just after and Dave sorts for us. Gordon brings out loads of British food from his case. Cycle down to l’estartit and have a buffet libre for €9

Day 2 Friday 21st Greek and Roman cities

Gordon makes breakfast, Andy makes everyone spend day looking round ancient ruins of not one but two cities – Greek then Roman. run to , Quentin Jardin’s stepson, anchovies, wine, best bottle olive oil in spain made with Greek olives. guide, phallic drinking vessals. L’escala huge. menu had everything off for Raymond. Back past country park with animals. went toreolla. mol mig hotel met Enpar manager of company. Rich Tea biscuit from Gordon. At night we went to Toni’s bar. Meal for 8euros50 3 courses and bottle red wine. Played pool. nice family place

Day 3 Saturday 22nd Medieval Town of Pals

Gordon makes breakfast. past hotel along river. with narrow streets. onto pals. Wedding with local rice and red petals in Pals. Dovecot thought it was castle. On to Peratelladafor lunch. Catalan pizza. Argument between local and motorbike man.then headwind journey home. Went to el pub 2 try and see hibs game and result. every bar in torreolla.resorted to using mobiles to look at bbc website.2-1Hibs.Champion supermarket had no convenience foods. Bought steak and chopped up to make pasta sauce. everything in huge bags and couldn’t get single ingredients. madepasta tea but no to so improvised. Game of clag which Andy won at last hand.

Day 4 Sunday 23rd St Jordi’s day

Gordon makes breakfast and has everything ready for us getting up. Superb. Paraflugal is where Gordan and Raymond head..Andy out with his uncle. Today is St Jordi’s day ( St George’s) who is the patron saint of catalonia. They have book/CD/DVD markets everywhere and give loved ones red roses. Curry for tea. At night played cards after Raymond comes home late from festival.

Day 5 Monday 24th Colomers

Day cycling along paddy fields ( they grow rice here. All the villages dead quiet. Good restaurant in Colomers with American chef. Chilli for tea then cards.

Day 6 Tuesday 24th La Bisbal

Good days cycling up riverside. La Bisbal a bit of a disappointment. Lunch in can Willys – good food once again but we cause some breakages after scoffing wine….At night we cycle to Toni’s for game of pool and play Carlisle rules with some English who mention a forthcoming football tournament.

Day 7 Wednesday 26th L’estartit

Down to the beach today and out for boat trip to Illes Medes a protected area for marine life. At night we return bikes and go to Egyptian bar ( el pub) to watch Barca vs AC Milan. Taxi home from alex

Day 8 Thursday 27th Girona and home

Caught 9:15 bus to Girona and get 6 hours to look round town. Raymond buys new shoes, Gordon buys a sausage supper as soon as he is back home.

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