Treviso is an ancient Italian walled town that is unexplored due to it’s proximity to Venice. It is called little Venice because of its canals and it is free from the bustle of tourists yet only 25 minutes on the train to Venice. There are some wonderful sites including the ancient walls, a Last Supper fresco and a statue lactating wine on special occasions. The area is completely flat.


The bus service is frequent costs €1.50 and there are four Lines : 6 – 101-102-103 Average travel time : 7 minutes (101-102-103), 15 minutes (6). Outside the airport the bus stop is not well signposted and it is to the right as you come out the airport. In Treviso the stop is over the road from the railway station.

The bus timetable is

It is €15 from the airport into town by taxi. Not a lot of taxi’s but you can text one using this service or download the app. Worked for me.


There are many AirBNB places here and they have all been of high quality. I never found affordable hotels but perhaps they exist.


Pizzaria da Fausta, Via Portico Oscuro, 10, 31100 Treviso is my favourite.
Buddha Indian restaurant, Via Montello, 91, 31100 is excellent.
L’incontro is hidden and exclusive. Swanky place but set menu is cheap. Posh food too but worth a try.

Others you can pick from the map at the end.

Cycle Routes – use opencyclemap to find routes in detail.

Padua (30 miles)
Leave Treviso by west gate cycle Viale monte grappa, left Viale quindici Lugio, under railway line. When at main road after 100m take Strada di Boiagio on right. Follow minor road this till start of cycle way. Follow cycleway to canal (many miles) then turn left for Padua and follow cycleway along the canal into town square. Train back.

Eat at Pizzeria Da Fausta

Venice (30 miles)
Follow river eat out of Trevio and follow cycleway south to Mestre. Train back. Option to carry onto Venice. This route the most difficult to follow as it winds after leaving river.

Eat at Buddha Indian Restaurant

Montebelluna (15 miles or 30 if coming back)

Leave by St Thomas gate and cycle north on marked cycle route to Montebelluna. Train back. Good Chinese run bar at station which is cheap. You can easily cycle back from here along the quiet country roads.

Conegliano ( 20 miles)

This rout takes you through Tyrol, a German speaking area with German beer. Stop at Al Tiglio  ,Via degli Artiglieri, 10 31040 Bavaria, 31040 for a stein. Train or cycle back.

Castelfranco Veneto (20 miles)

Along an old railway line which changes to tarmac halfway and then a canal ride north to reach this small walled town. No tourists here and you are free to explore.


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