We travel to the Italian lakes. If the weather is bad then we take trains. £53 return on the flight. The weather is expected to be 10 degrees.

Thursday 9th Jan 20

Meet at the airport at 13:30. Ryanair Flight at 15:30 arrives Bergamo 18:55 The airport bus is every 30 minutes and costs €2 to the train station in the centre of town. Stay for £25 a night at Via Pietro Paleocapa, 8, 24122 Bergamo BG, Italy.

Tonight we eat at the Taj Mahal which is not UK style but Italian Indian.

Friday 10th Jan

Pick up bikes from Pedalopolis for €10 a day and cycle 20 miles south to Caravaggio.

Pick up: Ciclostazione 42, from 9:30 to 19:00 Visualizza su maps

Cycle 25 miles to Palazzolo sull’Oglio with the tallest round tower in Italy and 4th century Roman bridge stull used today. Train back. Lunch in Every hour at 16 past the hour. €3.30

Tonight we visit a street full of bars starting at La Fiaschetteria, Via Borgo Santa Caterina, 8, 24124 Bergamo.

Saturday 11th Jan

Cycle route down the river deteriorates into a rocky track and is worth coming off to use minor roads. Coffee stop in Cologno da Serio, a walled town with moat and medieval gates. Various farms that do menus but a bit pricey. Stop at 7Rover to check food and Llamas. Train back from Treviglio another 1km miles west. Probably eat in Trattoria Le Sorelle in Treviglio a place frequented by locals with cheap house wine. Menu inclusive of 2 course wine coffee €8. Small place. Train 12 minutes past the hour every 30 minutes. Mostly and the 42 minute train not every hour.

Drop off: Bikefellas, from 9:00 to 19:30. PAY ATTENTION THE ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE OLD SHOP. Visualizza su map

Tonight we dine in the Citta Alto above Bergamo eating at the hiddeen restaurant Circolino

Sunday 12th Jan

Checkout at 10.  Breakfast at Gran Bar which has toasties and great cafe latte. Get airport bus at 11 Flight at 14:00

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