Memmingen March 2010

Sat, 13 Mar 10 Cycle to Fernhoten (16 miles)

FlightFR 6522 Edinburgh to Memmingen 10:05 Depart 13:25 Arrive £5

The bus station in is 4.5km from the airport with the 810/811 line Krumbach-Memmingen-Babenhausen (Brandner Bus) or with town line 2 (Angele) from Memmingen central bus station. The one way journey  costs € 2,50. We got a Diddelcar taxi with 8 seats and shared it with people from the bus stop which meant only €2 each and we got taken to hotel.

Arrived at Gasthaus Schwabenhof for €90 a night for 3 people with breakfast where they have a garage for the bikes. Picked up bikes at Fahrrad Heiss which cost €15 for three days and tried to cycle the Iller-Kneipp cycleway loop. Cycling through 4 inches of fresh snow was no fun and after 4 miles we gave up and went onto normal roads.

Ate Gulash soup in Gasthof Bruckwirt in Fernhoten along with the entire womans institute.Cycled back to Memmingen where we met the bike shop staff in the main square. Wandered round the town which was a mixture of simples bars and up-market places. Ended up in Bernitos mexican bar watching the football before eating in Zur Blauen Traube which was a very good bistro bar. More peopel from bike shop saw us and sent drinks over to our table.

Sun 14 Mar Memmington to Ulm ( 41 miles)

It was impossible to Cycle along the Iller Radweg because of the snow so we took the  st2031 route through many villages. Most of the road had a cycle track beside it and it was nice going to so many villages. Had snow flurries all morning. Stopped in Maristro cafe Bar in Illertissen for apple strudel. Arrived Ulm, a beautiful university town on the Danube and with the tallest church in the world. Ulm was pretty dead, it was vert cold and we were knackered. Ate in the station and discovered that the same train ticket that took us home was also valid for Munich. We jumped on the train to Munich with out bikes and went to the Hofbraus Haus for a couple of steins of lager and to listen to the oompah band. 8pm train back to Memmingen where we went to a couple of bars including the traditional Tunne.

Mon 15 Mar Morning cycle (11 miles)

Snowed quite heavy today and the cycleway was impassable and the single lane road busy with lorries. Did a short circuit and took bikes back. Went shopping and to Kreuzherrn cafe which was very nice with its vaulted ceiling from the 13th century. Got bus to airport. Flight at 14:15 arrives Edinburgh 3pm . £5

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