Hotel Techniques to Save £100’s

Off season you can stay in fantastic hotels for a fraction of the price.  The facilities are the same yet you pay a lot less.  To stay in great hotels peak season, go to countries where school holidays differ. Austria has some great bargains as does Gdansk with its beautiful beaches on the Baltic. The first week in December and third week in January are the cheapest times to get accommodation.

To get the best prices shop around. There is usually one supplier offering rooms for cheap prices because they can’t shift them. Unless you get a fantastic deal wait a few days. You will suddenly find discount offers from websites you have visited. I do two types of search – one where I’m logged in as a registered user and another where I work anonymously which is best done from a different device or PC.

Off season I try to get hotels with indoor pools in case the weather is not good.

Hotels on the local bus route from the airport are easy and cheaper to get to and can be faster than an airport transfer as they generally have to wait for everyone booked as well as go round all the various hotels. It’s

Budget chains are a good option for city breaks. The IBIS Budget chain offer rooms for three people with wifi for some great rates in mot European cities.

Prices can vary dramatically. All web companies monitor what you do and offer different prices at different times. On one of the sites below I got four different prices for the same hotel on the same dates through 4 different methods.

Method 1 – went to web site and £350 for a week

Method 2 – went to Trivago which then redirected me to the same website and got £196 for a week

Method 3 – logged in with user account on website and got £210 for a week

Method 4 – clicked on email from web site that offered 10% off and got £189 for a week. You have to click through the email to get this.

Method 5 – I checked a competitor’s site and also got £350

Method 6 – I also checked the hotel’s website and it was £380 for a week

I used method 4 as it was cheapest.  I never bothered using accounts in the holiday country as this is for a 4-star hotel for 2 for a week and I ‘m unlikely to get a better price.

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